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/ SUNDAY, SIVAN 13 5778 - 28 MAY 2018
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Apr 6 2017
Shmuel Chaim Winter (Ben r' Mendel) - Crown Heights to Devorah Leah Korf (Bas R' Bentzion) - Miami Beach, FL

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:) :) :)
Mazel tov Devorah Leah!!!
Mazel Tov! Mazel Tov!
Ale Brochos fun Rebbe'n!

Count Elkaim Family
Asher and Henna White
Mazal tov to both families in this wonderful occasion. We wish you true yiddishe and chassidishe nachas from them.
CLR camper
Mazal tov!!
Mazal tov! Such great news! Devorah Leah is amazing girl!
Wow!!! Great news
we love you dl!!!!
Mazel Tov!!!
Wow! What a beautiful Shidduch!!
May they both be bentched with much Mazel and Glick tomid kol Hayomim!!!!
Mazel Tov Mazel Tov!!!
Beis Chana, Miami
To our amazing student, teacher and Bnos head. Mazal Tov Devorah Leah!! We are so happy for you. We hope your chosson knows what a lucky guy he is! Wishing you all the brochos and so much happiness. We can't wait to dance with you back here in Florida. Mazal Tov xxxxxx
Mazel tov shmuel
Mazel tov shmuel. All brochos. from London
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