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Nov 14, 2014

Abrahams Tent by Michoel Muchnik

From the COLlive inbox: A reader asks for the source of the notion that Sarah's tent had bread or challah with a long shelf-life. Full Story


Nov 10, 2014

(L to R): Rabbi Yossel Kranz of Chabad of Virginia, Neil Ackerman and Rabbi Mendy Weiss of Chabad of Virginia.

As he left to join last year's Shluchim Kinus, Neil Ackerman writes, "I couldnt help but wonder: was my assessment of Chabad correct, or did I just have one too many lchaims?" Full Story


Nov 9, 2014

Op-Ed: The type of beverage you preferCoke Classic, Diet, and Zeromight say something about the Lubavitcher you are. Full Story


Nov 5, 2014

From the COLlive inbox: A musician responds to the op-ed "What Are We Thinking?" and shares an interesting fact. Full Story


Oct 31, 2014

Illustration photo by Levik Hertzel. The pictured aren't connected to this article

From the COLlive inbox: A Lubavitcher from Los Angeles recently attended a wedding and was shocked by what he witnessed. Full Story



Time is of the essence. There are very few airline seats left!

Join a life-changing trip for ladies and post seminary women, joining camp YTT Swerdlov Program

A 7 day spiritual farbrengen and growing opportunity!

Trip leaves Monday AFTER midnight, (night of July 10th to 11th), returning Monday the 17th to NY.

Travel to the gravesites of the Alter Rebbe, the Mitteler Rebbe, theBaal Shem Tov for Shabbos, The Magid, Reb Zushe, Reb Leivi Yitzchok of Barditchev, Reb Leivik's city, Dneperpetrovsk, the Kever of the Rebbe's brother, Reb Berl, Kiev/Babi Yar, Zitomir and other places.

Words really cannot describe this life changing trip.

For more information, please Email to: or call 347.228.2907

Book now for a trip of a lifetime! A 7 day spiritual farbrengen and growing opportunity! Read more here
Call now to reserve your spot. Space is limited.
Oct 13, 2014

Illustration photo: Baruch Ezagui

Ahead of Simchas Torah celebrations, Rochi Bell laments the "excessive l'chaim behaviors some of our youth are being taught." Full Story


Oct 5, 2014

Illustration photo: Meir Alfasi

From the COLlive inbox: A Chabad bochur recounts an emotional moment from spending the first Shabbos of 5775 in prison. Full Story


Oct 2, 2014

Op-Ed by a member of an out-of-town Anash community: Is it really a Mitzvah or obligation to line some Yid's pockets with money on the account of simple, poor, well meaning Jews? Full Story


Sep 28, 2014

A former inmate writes about being helped by a Chabad organization he would regularly donate to, but never knew its importance. Full Story


Sep 28, 2014

Motzei Rosh Hashana in 770*Photo: Meir Dahan

A Shlucha remembers what it was like to cram into 770 with thousands of others to witness the Rebbe blowing Shofar on Rosh Hashana: "The sound seemed to shatter all mechitzos, to uplift yet break the heart in one moment, with the cry 'Tatte!'" Full Story


Sep 17, 2014

From the COLlive inbox: A Chabad mother now looks back at her seminary years in Israel and see one aspect in a whole new light. Full Story


Sep 14, 2014

A girl responds to the controversial open letter from a bochur on what guys want in a wife, with some advice of her own. Full Story


Sep 12, 2014

Rabbi Yitzi Hurwitz, Shliach in Temecula, California, finds a lesson for relationships and Rosh Hashana from this week's parsha. Full Story


Sep 12, 2014

From the COLlive Inbox: Rafael and Sarah (nee Procaccia) Cohen, who were married last Friday after their wedding was delayed due to a Visa issue, tell what they learned from the experience. Full Story


Sep 7, 2014

From the COLlive inbox: A Yeshiva bochur writes a frank and open letter to girls his age and states the one thing guys want in a wife. Full Story


Sep 7, 2014

Op-Ed: A NY tax lawyer writes that the real source of the tuition problems which religious schools face is the attitude of school administrations. Full Story


Aug 25, 2014

From the COLlive inbox: A mother of a teenager recommends a Crown Heights school if your daughter didn't find one yet. Full Story


Aug 14, 2014

From the COLlive inbox: A woman says a change she has done in her kashrus eating resulted in wonders for her body. Full Story


Aug 7, 2014

Illustration photo. Not connected to the article

From the COLlive inbox: Yeshiva starts in two weeks, and as of this writing, our son has not been accepted in any Yeshiva. Full Story


Aug 1, 2014

Illustration photo

Op-Ed: "I am a woman and women should not be oppressed we are free to express ourselves through our way of dressing...I make my own choices." Full Story


Jul 29, 2014

From the COLlive inbox: Parents were shocked to discover their daughter is anorexic and wish the seminary was alert to the danger. Full Story

Jul 17, 2014

Op-Ed: We must ask ourselves, what's gained by spending hours to constantly seek updates on the situation in Israel.
Full Story

Jul 11, 2014

From the COLlive inbox: A faux custom to chant a single word from this week's Parshah should not be allowed in Chabad shuls. Full Story

Jul 10, 2014

As a Shliach from Canada was standing in line to go into the Ohel on Gimmel Tammuz, he recalled a moment with the Rebbe. Full Story

Jul 9, 2014

David Nesenoff with the Feigelstock siblings in Asuncion, Paraguay

Returning from a trip to Paraguay, lecturer Dr. David Nesenoff reflects on the children of Shluchim he has met in his travels. Full Story

Jul 7, 2014

From the COLlive Inbox: "I may have fed into some of the blind stereotyping characteristic of ignorance and prejudice, thinking Yeshiva boys are all the same..." Full Story

Jul 3, 2014

Illustration photo by nokhoog_buchachon

Op-Ed: Sometimes when men and women comment together on Facebook and Instagram it feels wrong; it feels like an inappropriate social event. Full Story

Jul 1, 2014

Photo: Chaim Perl

When California Shliach Shimon Posner was asked about his hiskashrus, he was taken aback. But then he remembered a story from 1949. Full Story

Jun 24, 2014

Photo: JEM Living Archive

Op-Ed by Yanky Kramer: The recently published books about the Rebbe cannot give you the fire; the kedushah, the battle for only the most pure yiddishkeit. Full Story

Jun 24, 2014

Ari Dorfman, Nathan Afenzer, Leib Yardley & Ian Aizman of St. Louis Park, MN lead a campaign to raise awarenes

Op-Ed: The search for the 3 students kidnapped in Israel 10 days ago left many feeling paralyzed, and yet others galvanized. Full Story

Jun 21, 2014

Rabbi Yossi Zeidman, a teacher in Morristown, responds to the parent hurting over a school administrator's threatening tuition letter. Full Story

Jun 13, 2014

From the COLlive inbox: An email from a school administrator left my friend in tears and terrified. And she's not the only one. Full Story

Jun 12, 2014

Students at Cheder Darchai Limud in the 580 Crown Condos shul

Op-Ed by Rabbi Yehuda Adelist: How can the phenomena that many parents face of children failing the yeshiva system be prevented? Full Story

Jun 11, 2014

From the COLlive Inbox: "Thank you for making a potentially uncomfortable situation feel so comfortable," writes a mother to a local Gemach. Full Story

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Apr 25
Shiur in Minchas chinuch for Talmidei Hayeshivah with Rabbi Sholom Dovid Geisinsky at ohel nosson 580 crown
Apr 25
The Levi Yitzchok Library: Soup & Study for Women with Rabbi Manis Friedman! Learn how to teach Chassidus, and then get matched up to teach Chassidus in other communities! at 305 Kingston Avenue
Apr 25
Taharas Hamishpacha Review Series Begin! Topic: Tahara with Chaya Klein. Refreshments and Raffles! If you cant make it and would like to join the conference call, get on to our emailing list or whats app group for call in details. contact or text 347-237-1265 at Gutnick Residence 829 Montgomery St.
Apr 25
Join us at the first of the Spring Taharas Hamishapacha Review Classes. Class on Tahara by Mrs Chaya Klein. Doors open 8:10, Review starts 8:30 sharp No cover cost, exciting raffles tickets available for purchase! Raffles: Split the Pot, Womens Package & Mikvah Mediations. **Participation via conference call also available. Details for the conference call will be sent out through the emailing list and whatsapp group. To join contact or 901-316-7770. ** at The Gutnick Home, 829 Montgomery st
Apr 25
Shiur in Gemorah in english L'iyun with Rabbi Sholom Dovid Geisinsky at ohel nosson 580 crown st
Apr 26
Rabbi Kastel's weekly Tanya shiur will resume Wednesday, May 3, 7 Iyar. Let all who are hungry to learn come and participate! Questions and comments welcome. You can dedicate a shiur for a special occasion.Looking forward to seeing you next week. at 1236 Carroll Street, btw New York & Nostrand
Apr 26
' All women and girls are invited to our Rosh Chodesh Iyar Farbrengen with our Guest Speaker: Mrs. Sarah Liberman Topic: An evening of healing for body and soul ': ' ' Wednesday, April 26, 2017 at 8:00pm. ' ' At the Home of Mrs. Rivky Gremont 763 Eastern Parkway, Apt D4 (bet KINGSTON and BKYN Ave) An assortment of Tea and Chocolates will be served Sponsored by Sweet Expressions! $3 Suggested donation enters you into a raffle for a pocketbook sponsored by Post Mark It and matching scarf co-sponsored by The Rosh Chodesh Committee Looking forward to greeting you personally The Rosh Chodesh Committee of Neshei Ubnos Chabad at 763 Eastern Parkway, Apt D4 (bet KINGSTON and BKYN Ave)

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Apr 5, 2017
Okunov - Lasky

Recent Classifieds
- Secretary Positions Available
Busy insurance office has a few positions available: Office Manager: insurance experience a + Underwriter: should be knowledgeable in microsof | more...
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secretary full time boro park office experienced, good phone skills,computer savey, quickbooks knowledge a must, multi task great pay email re | more...
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Join our terrific staff team! Weve been running CGI on our beautiful campsite in suburban Philadelphia for close to 30 years. We know how t | more...
- Plumber needed
Plumber and Plumber's assistant needed some experience necessary great learning opportunity please call: 917-514-8351
- Early Childhood Director - Monsey New York
Cheder Chabad of Monsey, a growing school in a rapidly expanding Chabad community, is looking for an experienced, dedicated and qualified Earl | more...
- Open Position In New Manhattan Preschool
Looking for educational or Leadership opportunities in early childhood? If you would like to be part of an integral part of an innovative and | more...
- Supermarket Opportunity
Looking for a full time MALE worker in a supermarket *Williamsburg: 745 Bedford ave (nxt to subway and buses) *Nice atmosphere, boss on site | more...
- Post Seminary Shlichus
Cheder Chabad of Philadelphia is seeking to hire a group of 3 talented and dedicated post sem girls for the school year of 5778. Jobs include | more...
Looking for educational or leadership opportunities in early childhood? If you would like to be part of an integral part of an innovative and | more...
- Shlichus in beautiful Northern California
Looking for 2 girls to come join us for the next school year. Teach in an award-winning preschool, lead a thriving bat mitzvah club, teach Heb | more...
- teacher at after school program brighton beach
awesome job/ shlichus just opened up! teacher at afterschool program in brighton beach 2:00-6:00pm help kids with homework, serve kids home | more...
- Head Counselor CGI S. Pete, FL
Looking for a head counselor -organized and lively - to lead our CGI. Dates June 21 -July 15th. Also looking for one counselor. Great acco | more...
Hapisgah Steak House is located in Flushing-Queens, We are in search of a Young and Energetic guy (preferably single), to help the Manager at | more...
Wholesale company looking to fill a warehouse position, job includes receiving, quality control, picking, packing & shipping. Candidate should | more...

Nichum Aveilim
-Mrs. Esther Kozlovsky/Blesofsky is sitting Shiva after her Mother Yehosheva bas Reb Avrohom O"H with her Father at 658 Montgomery Street Apt 3A

Will be sitting Shiva until Friday 3:00 pm


Found money today, (April 24, 28 Nissan) on bus returning from the Ohel.

Call Sarah, 718-773-0045

I found Zara blue suit pants size 8 on New York Ave between empire and Montgomery. Please call to claim 9542743948
LOST NECKLACE on Shviei Shel Pesach. Seems to have been lost somewhere in the area of Empire and Kingston to Crown and Albany.
Please contact Thank you!
An iPhone was left in my car on the way back from the ohel. Please call with simanim.

Left backpack with MacBook in the Besht shul

Lost iPod Touch in gold with a pink and grey case. Lost in a store on Kingston ave. between President Street and Union Street. Lost on Tuesday April 4.

Please contact 718 300 2006 with any info

Hi i lost my car key
It was a plack key with a remote (to lock, unlock, and a beeper) I'm not exactly sure where if you can pls post a hashavas avaidah I would really appreciate it
My home number is 7187786680
Cell 17189139992
I lost a Bank of America card on motze Shabbas - may 31 - on Kingston or crown between Brooklyn and New York - the name on the card is Esther Rivka Zarbailov 1414-458-1869

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