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Dec 21, 2010

A girl looking for a shidduch asks: Why is it that if one doesn't follow the exact 'system', they are considered a 'bum'?
Full Story


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Dec 15, 2010

What does a 23 year old bochur think about dating? One bochur writes what he thought about Manis Friedman's lecture on today's shidduch crisis Tuesday evening. Full Story


Aug 22, 2010

Shidduchim SOS: My father wants this bochur, my mother wants that family. And the shadchan thinks I'm the one who is picky. Full Story


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Jul 14, 2010

Shidduchim SOS: Chicago Shadchan Rabbi Moishe Raitman has valuable tips for a successful shidduch experience: The do's and don'ts in dealing with a shadchan and what every parent can expect from them. Full Story


Jul 1, 2010

Shidduchim SOS: I may not be a good writer at all, but as a single girl, I would like to shed light on the supposed "shidduch crisis." If my message will get through to at least one person - it's all worth it. Full Story


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Jun 20, 2010

Shidduchim SOS: After marrying off her children and arranging 9 shidduchim herself, Mrs. Riva Denburg of Miami Beach writes to COLlive what she thinks of Shadchanim and the Shidduchim process. Full Story


Jun 1, 2010

Shidduchim SOS: If you are going to marry what someone else thinks is good for you, but not what is truly good for you, then you will be miserable. Full Story


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May 13, 2010

Shidduchim SOS: All too often my parents are told that the bochur does not want to go out because I am "too chassidish." Saying Chitas is a crime? Full Story


Apr 8, 2010

Shidduchim SOS: I know of some guys who won't fly for a date unless there are 2 or 3 girls lined up to go out with him, just in case the first girl doesn’t work out... Full Story


Judaic Principal & School Administrator

Torah Day School of Houston is looking for a leader to direct and oversee the education and teaching programs of our school. This is a unique opportunity for someone (male or female) to grow and shape our school for the next generation. If you are someone who loves chinuch, inspires people, and can see both the big picture while paying attention to the everyday details, let’s talk.

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Jan 13, 2010

Shidduchim SOS: "I can pep-talk myself that everyone goes through it. But sometimes, I feel like running into the streets and screaming till my voice could scream no more."
Full Story


Dec 28, 2009

Shidduchim SOS: We heard about this nice girl that friends say will match our son. But her parents rejected the offer. What now? Full Story


Dec 2, 2009 is requesting more names to be added to the handy shidduchim list. "Most names in 2009 came through COLlive readers." Full Story


Nov 29, 2009

A group of single Lubavitch girls will be praying Tuesday at the Rebbe's Ohel for hundreds of men and women waiting for a match. Full Story


Nov 22, 2009

Shidduchim SOS: From a Chassidishe bochur wanting Shlichus, my husband turned into an unemployed man touching his beard and drinking in bars. Mrs. Sarah Junik, how do I avoid making a mistake again? Full Story


Oct 20, 2009

Chananya Weissman in the Jerusalem Post strongly objects to the pronouncement by 60 prominent rabbis that the main cause of the shidduch crisis is that "boys frequently prefer girls who are a few years younger." Full Story


Oct 14, 2009

So you're on a Shidduch date in a lobby of a hotel or meeting a business client in a lounge, is it permissible to have an alcoholic drink from a clean glass? Rabbi Yitzchak Hanoka of OK Kosher Labs answers. Full Story


Sep 29, 2009

Shidduchim SOS: While you bake Challah in that Bosch, chop salad on that cutting board with matching knives, and serve your husband roasted potatoes, you forget who helped set up the apartment. Full Story


Sep 3, 2009

Op-Ed: With all these nice and dandy articles, we still have a 'Shidduch Crisis.' Therefore, I would like to present to you a simple solution, one that you might have heard of countless times... Full Article


Aug 11, 2009

Shidduchim SOS: "All my friends were convinced that I would be 'the first to go.' I'm slim, beautiful and with yichus. People said I have the complete package and it remains a mystery to all as to why I am not married." Full Story


Aug 4, 2009

Shidduchim SOS: A puzzled bochur who read the previous blog wants to know if the Shidduch system works for everyone, comparing the "average 770 bochur" vs. a guy who's a little more "chilled," who has had contact with girls over the years. Full Story


Jul 25, 2009

Shidduchim SOS: Op-Ed: I am not a professional psychologist nor do I claim to be one, however, being a Yungerman, and living here in the shchuna, I have picked up that there is a terrible illness which is plaguing our single bochurim and girls. Full Story


Jul 24, 2009

Shidduchim SOS: The girl who wrote comment #31 is puzzled by the reactions and asks why don't they teach about this in seminary and is pondering whether to find a mate herself.
Full Story


Jul 21, 2009

COLlive presents: Shidduchim SOS, a blog helping you through the shidduch process and matchmaking hurdles. Our new author is Mrs. Sarah Junik, wife and mother of 7 in Crown Heights who lectured around the world on Shidduchim.
Full Story


Jul 18, 2009

Op-Ed by Rabbi Hanoch Hecht: After meticulously discussing the system of dating within our communities, we came to the conclusion that it is not the system that is failing us, rather it is the people within the system that are failing. Full Article


Jun 16, 2009

Anonymous OP-ED: "I sit here on my balcony, peering out, wondering, how long will it take for a guy to saddle a white horse and find me here? Does anyone see how lonely it is to be one of the few unmarried girls on the block?" Full Article


Jun 8, 2009

A group of concerned Lubavitch women in New York City are dealing hands-on with the matchmaking situation in the Chasidic community. "This is an issue and endeavor which is bigger than everybody," Elka Pinson told COLlive. Full Story


May 26, 2009

From the COLlive Inbox: As we are nearing Shavuos, allow me to use a Dvar Torah to clarify a point I am trying to make about bochurim and girls not finding their prospective Shidduch. Full Story


May 14, 2009

Prominent psychologist Michael J. Salamon says a lack of dating in the Orthodox community is the cause of marriage problems. "Some have suggested that, in the Orthodox world, we simply do not believe in romance." Full Story


May 13, 2009

Anonymous OP-ED: "We all dream of "falling in love" and being totally swept away in a wave of passion and excitement. We are certain that when we meet our destined one we will know without doubt in our hearts that this is "the one." Full Article


Apr 26, 2009

Anonymous Op-Ed: Why is everyone looking at me with these miserable faces and sorrowful eyes at L'Chaims or weddings while I don't feel the same about myself?
Full Article


Mar 26, 2009

OP-ED: Frum Jewish men, often spurred on by their imperial and see-no-imperfection mothers, are becoming increasingly shallow and vain. They may study Gemara and Chassidus but clearly the light of a G-dly life is not necessarily altering their world-views, writes Rabbi Shmuley Boteach. Full Article


Feb 19, 2009

Fiddler on the Roof on the Footlite stage in Indianapolis, IN boasts 800 active members and 23 weddings in about 24 months. Creators, Ester and Moshe Raichman realized that many of their single friends weren't getting dates. She from Sao Paolo and he from Houston, they live in Jerusalem and understand the complications of a global dating scene. Full Story


Jan 1, 2009

Photo Credit: Mendel Meyers Studios, a website promoting matchmaking in the Chabad-Lubavitch community, has sent out a mass email calling people to send them names of potential candidates. "Please take a moment to help our fellow friends and family find their Bashert," they ask. The site lists names of Lubavitcher bochurim and girls of marriageable age. Full Story

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