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Aug 20, 2015

Six-year-old Mendy Raichman lives with his family in Manaus, Brazil and attends the Nigri International Shluchim Online School, a project of the Shluchim Office. Full Story, Video


FFH EVENTS - PESACH 2018 - Our family and yours

Pesach with FFH is a family friendly program that provides a flawless Pesach experience.


FFH highlights:
Complete buyout of luxury resort
5 Star dining featuring lavish meals, fully stocked Tea room, dessert events and more
Supervision by Rabbi Eli Matusof: Lubavitcher Schita & Peeled Vegetables
2 hours from NYC (Calicoon, NY)
Day Camp, Kiddie Camp & Night Activities
Exciting Entertainment Line-up including Yoni Z
Amazing speakers including Rabbi Shais Taub
Full Resort including onsite Spa, gym, bowling, horseback riding, golf, go-carts, indoor pool, rockwall, paintball, indoor basketball, soft play gym, tennis, laser tag etc.
Singles programming + on-site shadchan
Large spacious guest rooms
Partial stays welcome

Ask us how to pay with reward points

We think of every detail, so you dont have too.

Selling fast!

Call 212 901 2000

Promo Video
Aug 19, 2015

Singer Benny Friedman gave a rousing concert in Sydney, Australia, performing a moving duet with child soloist Levi Niasoff. Full Story, Photos, Video


Aug 18, 2015

Aryeh Canter walked around Tel Aviv asking what's preventing us from welcoming Moshiach? He got a mix of reactions. Video


Oholei Torah PTA Achdus Basket

Oholei Torah PTA Achdus Basket Project:
Send your neighbors, families, and friends a beautiful Shalach Monos package that we pack and deliver for you. Enjoy your hassle free Purim!

For six dollars a name, you dont want to leave anyone out!
A separate Community Member Listing is included for your convenience.

Order at or

Or for more information please call:
Sarah Popack (718) 735-2484, Chani Kaminetzky (646) 402-4934, Aida Junik (718) 953-3197

Also offering a variety of beautifully arranged Shalach Monos baskets ranging in price from $5 to $120

Place your orders at

For more info. or to order by phone
please call:

Chani Neubort (718) 778-4881
Esther Rivka Telsner (718) 774-1301
Aida Junik (718) 953-3197
Aug 18, 2015

Jewish Girls Unite and The Lubavitch Women's Candle Lighting Campaign have joined forces to re-launch a writing contest for Jewish girls first instituted by the Rebbe. Full Story, Video


Aug 16, 2015

When Bar Mitzvah-aged boys came to Morristown for the summer, they expected a specific program. They were pleasantly surprised. Full Story, Photos, Video


Bartenura Moscato 375ml $5.99
Yayin Kiddush Wine: $2.99
Joyvin White or Red $5.99
Zmora Semi Sweet: $6.99
Jeunesse Cabernet/Black muscat: $8.99
Teal Lake Moscato (Red): $5.99
Bartenura Rosso Toscano: $5.99
Baron Herzog Cabernet Paso Robles $9.99
Herzog Selection Chateneuf Bordeaux: $9.99
Binyamina Reserve Cabernet: $16.99
Dalton Cnaan: $11.99
Isaac's Ram: $23.99
Galil Cabernet: $9.99
Shilo Privilege: $19.99
Cardova Rioja: $11.99
Psagot Sinai: $14.99
Galil Yiron: $21.99
Yarden Pinot Noir: $19.99
Yatir Red: $29.99
Gilgal Cabernet: $10.99
Yarden Mt Hermon Red: $8.99
The Cave: $64.99
Segal's Unfiltered: $64.99
Domaine Du Castel Grand Vin: $59.99

Glenmorangie $32.99
Auchentoshan $28.99
Glenlivet Founders Reserve$36.99
Smirnoff 1.75L (Large Bottle): $19.99
Benedictine 375ml $19.99
Grey Goose 1.75 (Large Bottle) $49.99
Russian Standard 1.75L: $29.99
Woodford Reserve: $32.99
Glenmorangie Original 1.75L: $69.99
Basil Hayden: $32.99
Glenfiddich 14 Year: $49.99
Johnnie Walker 1.75L: $69.99
Glenlivet 18 Year: $94.99
Glenlivet 15 Year: $59.99
Luise Royer V.S. Cognac: $39.99
Macallan 12 Year: $59.99

More Special Click Here
Aug 16, 2015

Huckabee during his visit to Crown Heights in 2013

Republican presidential hopeful Mike Huckabee told CNN he'll be traveling to Israel on Tuesday to discuss the nuclear deal with Iran. Full Story, Video

Aug 16, 2015

You will be amazed by the candid comments that campers at Camp Gan Israel Florida - girls division made when asked on camera. Full Story, Photos, Video


Special Women's Event

Neshei Ubnos Crown Heights are invited to a special women's event which will take place this coming Motzei Shabbos, Parshas Truma, February 17th at Beis Eliezer Yitzchak, 394 Kingston Avenue between Crown and Montgomery at 8:00 PM.

Mrs Itu Lustig, a Holocaust survivor and matriach of a large family ky"h will share her personal story.

Pnina Hanoka will follow with a face painting presentation in honor of Purim.
A light Melave Malka will be served.

More Info.

Aug 15, 2015

South African Rabbi David Lapin was debating whether to leave the rabbinate or his business. What the Rebbe said changed his mind. Video


Aug 13, 2015

Timeless Advice from the Rebbe: To the parents dealing with overwhelming preparations for their son's Bar Mitzvah. Video


Aug 13, 2015

Campers and staff of Camp Gan Israel of Toronto, having enjoyed a fun filled summer with many activities, took a group photo.
Photos, Video


Aug 12, 2015

Artistic Chabad bochur Naria Aizik Zinger filmed himself drawing the Rebbe wearing a talis off a real-life photo. Watch him in action. Video


Aug 10, 2015

A group of Chabad chazzanim came together for a pre Rosh Hashanah concert at a synagogue in the Upper West Side. Watch them sing. Full Story, Video


Aug 9, 2015

Bronya Shaffer explains how traditional Jewish ideas compare to modern feminist ideas about the role of women in society. Video


Aug 7, 2015

Brothers of the Chosson and Kallah sang the "Mi Adir" blessing together at the wedding of Shmully Sasonkin and Chayala Dubov in Orlando, FL. Video


Aug 7, 2015

Photos: N&M photos

Campers and staff of Camp Gan Israel of Parksville traveled to the Rebbe's Ohel and 770 in honor of Chof Av, reliving special moments from years ago. Full Story, Photos, Video


Aug 6, 2015

Singer Aron Sitbon is back with a new music video "Shomer Yisrael," an emotional song to the backdrop of G-d's miracles during the war in Israel. Video


Aug 6, 2015

Businessman Arnold Dalfen tells how he asked the Rebbe for business advice, and the Rebbe offered to become his partner on one condition. Full Story, Video


Aug 3, 2015

Superstar Chassidic singer Mordechai Ben David and others visited famed guitarist Yosi Piamenta who is battling a dreaded illness. Full Story, Video


Aug 2, 2015

An 8-hour farewell event with greetings from 3 known Chabad individuals has concluded Camp Gan Israel Tzeirie Hashluchim in Moscow, Russia. Full Story, Photos, Video


Aug 1, 2015

Camp Gan Israel of Montreal, Canada, was on their feet at a live concert featuring singer Eli Marcus and musician Fitche Benshimon. Video


Jul 30, 2015

Timeless Advice From the Rebbe: To the parents who thought their child had serious behavioral issues. Video


Jul 29, 2015

The Shira Orchestra performs Chamol, Sung By Benny Friedman and Moshe Mendlowitz. Video

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Jul 29, 2015

Naftali Bennett, Israel's Minister of Education spoke to Arutz Sheva about the urgent need to teach every Jew his heritage and faith in order to combat assimilation. Video

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Jul 29, 2015

Chabad teenagers Gavriel Eagle and Pinchas Antal collaborated on a piano and cello duet of the niggun "Tzamah L'Cha Nafshi." Full Story, Video


Jul 29, 2015

NY Governor Andrew Cuomo and Vice President Joe Biden present the redesign of LaGuardia airport. This is how it will look. Video

Jul 28, 2015

Shira Choir & A Team Orchestra perform Lmoronon an original composition by philanthropist Shloime Yehuda Rechnitz. Video

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Jul 28, 2015

Cute kid is a master driver. Video

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Jul 28, 2015

Screenshot AP/Youtube

Would you vote for him? President Barack Obama, calling on Africa's leaders to peacefully leave office when their terms expire, reflects on the ending of his own presidency. Obama says he thinks he could win if he were able to run again. Video

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Jul 28, 2015

It's official: Jonathan Pollard, convicted of spying on the United States for Israel, will be released on November 21, his attorney confirmed. Full Story, Video

Jul 27, 2015

Singer Boruch Sholom released the official music video to his popular hit "Lo Yemalet" which spawned many viral videos. Video

Jul 27, 2015

Screenshot WSJ/Youtube

California is the first state to require a kill switch be enabled on new devices. WSJ's Zusha Elinson asks one repair shop owner whether he's seen less stolen phones since the feature's introduction. Video

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Jul 27, 2015

Sessions with 8th Day: The popular music group's Shmuli Marcus and Bentzi Marcus perform their heartfelt song "Jerusalem Stone" and explain the meaning of the lyrics. Video

Jul 27, 2015

screenshot/AP youtube

Watch President Barack Obama join a Kenyan pop group on the dance floor at a state dinner in Nairobi, last week. Video

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Jul 27, 2015

A missionary seen passing the Rebbe in a viral video was found in an unexpected state by bochurim in Switzerland. Video

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So I can have it back ASAP thanks I really appreciate it

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