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Dec 19, 2015

From the COLlive Inbox: "Recently there's been a growing trend to blame the guys' side in this game no one enjoys." Full Story



Join a life-changing trip for ladies and post seminary women, joining camp YTT Swerdlov Program

A 7 day spiritual farbrengen and growing opportunity!

Trip leaves Tuesday July 12 after midnight, returns July 20th.

Travel to the gravesites of the Alter Rebbe, the Mitteler Rebbe, theBaal Shem Tov for Shabbos, The Magid, Reb Zushe, Reb Leivi Yitzchok of Barditchev, Reb Leivik's city, Dneperpetrovsk, the Kever of the Rebbe's brother, Reb Berl, Kiev/Babi Yar, Zitomir and other places.

Words really cannot describe this life changing trip.

For more information, please write to or call 347.228.2907

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Oct 20, 2015

Illustration photo by Graur Codrin

From the COLlive inbox: A shadchan recently said girls should date bochurim who smoke since they will quit. The opposite is true. Full Story


Aug 20, 2015

Photo: Nenetus

From the COLlive inbox: It's time we take into account the other person's feelings and end the shidduch yourself if it doesn't fit. Full Story


Yud Alef Nisson's new nigun

This years Yud Alef Nisson new nigun on the Rebbe's new capital, Tehillim # 115.

Composed and Rendered by
Avrohom Charitonow
Music Accompanied by
Israel Edelson

This Nigun Was chosen by The Vaad To Be The Official Nigun.

Click herefor a free MP3 download
Aug 3, 2015

Illustration photo by winnond

From the COLlive inbox: A single Lubavitch woman says the way shidduch offers are described most likely lead to their failure. Full Story


Jul 4, 2015

"There's a common thread of unresolved issues running through the minds of older singles," says shaddchanis Rivkah Leah Bernath. Full Story


Jun 8, 2015

Op-Ed: Dating before the summer months brings its own set of challenges, making a complicated process even more so. Full Story


May 28, 2015

4 clues how to spot the "shopping" bochurim in the shidduchim scene to avoid heartache and save yourself time and money. Full Story


Feb 2, 2015

Illustration photo: Chana Blumes Photography

From the COLlive inbox: A single Chabad girl has 2 simple suggestions to help be more sensitive in all matters of dating. Full Story


Jan 5, 2015

Illustration photo by Atalia Katz

From the COLlive inbox: A mother of 2 single girls has had it with the washed-up excuse from older bochurim for not dating. Full Story


Dec 9, 2014

A new grant from philanthropist Shlomo Yehuda Rechnitz will pay $10,000 for a successful Shidduch match. But, there's a catch. Full Story


Dec 1, 2014

Op-ed: A mother who married off a few children responds to "Why Am I Not 'Shayech'?:" "I am sure that there are people who think I am a snob and a nasty one, too." Full Story


Nov 19, 2014

From the COLlive inbox: After getting my hopes up that this could be 'the one', within 2 hours of speaking to the Shadchan, those 6 words pop up on my screen - "They don't think it's Shayech." Full Story


Oct 26, 2014

From the COLlive inbox: A mother writes a painful public letter to the happily married classmates of her daughter. Full Story


Sep 21, 2014

The International Shidduch Group, directed by Mrs. Elana Bergovoy, recently held a whirlwind series of events in Stamford Hill, Golders Green and in Manchester, UK. Full Story


Aug 8, 2014

After bailing out institutions and releasing a prisoner from Bolivia, Shlomo Yehuda Rechnitz aims to solve the "shidduch crisis." Full Story


May 13, 2014

Illustration photo*not connected to the article

With the shidduch process ever more complex, a new pre-dating course helps young adults take the biggest decision of their life seriously. Full Story


Feb 15, 2014

The story of a man who broke off an engagement, how it came back to haunt him some 30 years later and what he did about it. Full Story


Jan 22, 2014

From the COLlive inbox: The rule that a bochur and a girl must go out a least twice, while not interested, is simply ridiculous.
Full Story


Jan 16, 2014

Shaindel and Chani, two single Chabad girls, say the community needs to reassess the strategy and structure of the current shidduch system. Full Story


Jan 15, 2014

From the COLlive inbox: A matchmaker writes about a phone call she got on a Friday afternoon, shortly before Shabbos. Full Story


Oct 20, 2013

From the COLlive inbox: There's about 50 shidduch-aged girls who are being rejected simply because they are "English."
Full Story


Aug 11, 2013

Adai Ad will present "Enhancing your Beautiful Marriage," on building a successful relationship and achieving effective communication. Full Story


Aug 8, 2013

From the COLlive Inbox: A single girl going through shidduchim says certain dating scenarios have left her confused, wondering "what was the thought process involved?" Full Story


Jul 14, 2013

Illustration photo

From the COLlive Inbox: A girl in Shidduchim writes her perspective as a single girl, while many of her friends are getting engaged. Full Story

Jun 5, 2013

Shidduchim SOS: What does coming late to a Shidduch date say about you? Full Story

May 23, 2013

Rabbi Nachman Wilhelm of Online Smicha discusses what characteristics to look for when considering a shidduch. Video

May 14, 2013

The Two E Bar/Lounge at the The Pierre - a Taj Hotel in New York City

Shidduchim SOS: A mother of children shares 4 suggestions for singles on what not to do while on a shidduch date.
Full Story

Apr 25, 2013

A frum psychotherapist says spending more time with each other does not provide clarity in shidduchim. He also offers 3 tips for finding a bashert. Full Story

Apr 17, 2013

An event by the Adai Ad organization and Shalom Taskforce will answer questions on the mother's role in the shiduchim process. Full Story

Apr 9, 2013

2,237 Lubavitchers are using the frum dating website Harei At. Owner Eli Ostreicher is considering a "Chabad section."
Full Story, Video

Mar 30, 2013

Devora Krasnianski of the Adai Ad organization speaks to relationship coach Pearl Mattenson about 6 areas that need clarifying on a shidduch date. Full Story, Video

Feb 26, 2013

Op-Ed: After finally overcoming his "fear of commitment," a recently married Lubavitch man shares tips on how he overcame his fear and finally proposed. Full Story

Jan 28, 2013

From the COLlive inbox: A 23-year-old bochur in Shidduchim wonders whether it is really a good idea to send a photo before a date. Full Story

Dec 19, 2012

Illustration photo. Individuals pictured have no connection to the article

With the shidduch process ever complex, a new pre-dating course for bochurim and girls will begin in the next few weeks.
Full Story

Nov 22, 2012

Illustration photo by Mendel Meyers

Shidduchim SOS: Why would a mother with an eligible daughter treat a prospective girl for her son with minimal respect? Full Story

Oct 22, 2012

Illustration photo by Israel Bardugo

In a letter to be published in an upcoming Igros Kodesh volume, the Rebbe says shidduchim between Ashkenazim and Sephardim "pair up nicely." Full Story

Oct 6, 2012

COLlive exclusive: Marriage classes are a must among Chabad couples. Now a pre-dating course of 8 sessions was developed in Crown Heights. Full Story

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Apr 19, 2016
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-Mrs. Sara Rachel Meltzer; mother of Chaya Teldon, shlucha in Long Island, passed away in Boca Raton, Fl. after a short illness at the age of 86.

The Levaya will be in Eternal Light Cemetery in Boca on Sunday at 3 pm and shiva in Long Island will begin Monday evening at 6 pm at the Teldon home, 65 Valleywood Rd., Commack, NY 11725.

-Women's watch found on Carroll St. 5/2/16.
Please call with details of the watch, 917-975-9363
I lost a yoyo stroller within 2 blocks of Jewish children's museum on 1st day chal hamoed pesach. While getting in to my car. If found please call 646-339-5358
We Found an earring on Shabbas on crown street bet Brooklyn and ny to claim please call 9179750895

If you mistakenly took my (wool Primo) kapoteh from 770 MONTGOMERY MIKVA on Shabbos parshas metzorah and left your own (silk PS Couture, size 40s) please call or text me at 5164233912. Thank you

Found an electronic device on tank 26 on . Contact 6464284724 if this is yours
I found a bugaboo outside of Empire Shtiebel. Give me the model and color and it is yours 347-733-8383
Lost a tear drop earing on April 17 in crown heights if found please call 207-650-0463
Green colored siddur found with name Sara Devorah. 3474899358
found an earing a few weeks ago on eastern parkway between kingston and brooklyn, or between brooklyn and new york please contact me to claim it.
Suitcase left on corner of President and Kingston
Hey. I mistakenly left my gray rolling suitcase on the corner of Kingston and President. If found please contact 9733683817
I came from E Yisroel on Tues April 11 with united airlines flight #85 which arrived 5:12PM. I had with me a box of matzho which I left on the bus going to Manhattan. With me on the bus was a boy who came from e yisroel that was going to crown heights to spend yom tov there. I was told by the driver that he took the box of matzho for me. If anyone has any idea how to locate this bachur I would greatly appreciate it. My cell numbers are 845-659-7716, or 917-600-8790, tizku lmitzvos, Shlomo.
Brand new "Fil a Fil" men's wool suit,( pants size 33R), and a Montefino wool/cashmere jacket in perfect condition, left behind by a visitor to 1373 Union Street. Please call to claim and pick up.


Baby Girl's winter outfit
during month of Heshvan
Hi! I lost a ring possibly near the main entrance to 770 Eastern Parkway. It's a raised opal stone with red garnets surrounding on a gold band. Please let me if you found it as it has great sentimental value!

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