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Feb 2, 2015

Illustration photo: Chana Blumes Photography

From the COLlive inbox: A single Chabad girl has 2 simple suggestions to help be more sensitive in all matters of dating. Full Story


Aug 11, 2013

Adai Ad will present "Enhancing your Beautiful Marriage," on building a successful relationship and achieving effective communication. Full Story


Aug 8, 2013

From the COLlive Inbox: A single girl going through shidduchim says certain dating scenarios have left her confused, wondering "what was the thought process involved?" Full Story


Jul 14, 2013

Illustration photo

From the COLlive Inbox: A girl in Shidduchim writes her perspective as a single girl, while many of her friends are getting engaged. Full Story


Jun 5, 2013

Shidduchim SOS: What does coming late to a Shidduch date say about you? Full Story


Principal Position Available

Principal Position Available in an Established Chabad Lubavitch elementary school, seeking to hire a new principal for next school year 5776.

Please email your resume to:

Men and Women applicants are welcome.
May 23, 2013

Rabbi Nachman Wilhelm of Online Smicha discusses what characteristics to look for when considering a shidduch. Video


May 14, 2013

The Two E Bar/Lounge at the The Pierre - a Taj Hotel in New York City

Shidduchim SOS: A mother of children shares 4 suggestions for singles on what not to do while on a shidduch date.
Full Story



The Nigri International Shluchim Online School is seeking a qualified individual to replace our outgoing principal of the Americas division.

The successful applicant will have the required skill, passion and focus in chinuch to lead and direct the online limudei kodesh education of children of Shluchim. You will be working directly with our existing team, including the principal of the Hebrew-speaking school, the school’s director and the director of development and other trained staff. Experience as a principal is desired, but for the right applicant is not necessarily required.

For more information, questions or to apply, please email
Apr 25, 2013

A frum psychotherapist says spending more time with each other does not provide clarity in shidduchim. He also offers 3 tips for finding a bashert. Full Story


Apr 17, 2013

An event by the Adai Ad organization and Shalom Taskforce will answer questions on the mother's role in the shiduchim process. Full Story


Apr 9, 2013

2,237 Lubavitchers are using the frum dating website Harei At. Owner Eli Ostreicher is considering a "Chabad section."
Full Story, Video


Mar 30, 2013

Devora Krasnianski of the Adai Ad organization speaks to relationship coach Pearl Mattenson about 6 areas that need clarifying on a shidduch date. Full Story, Video


Feb 26, 2013

Op-Ed: After finally overcoming his "fear of commitment," a recently married Lubavitch man shares tips on how he overcame his fear and finally proposed. Full Story


Jan 28, 2013

From the COLlive inbox: A 23-year-old bochur in Shidduchim wonders whether it is really a good idea to send a photo before a date. Full Story


Dec 19, 2012

Illustration photo. Individuals pictured have no connection to the article

With the shidduch process ever complex, a new pre-dating course for bochurim and girls will begin in the next few weeks.
Full Story


Nov 22, 2012

Illustration photo by Mendel Meyers

Shidduchim SOS: Why would a mother with an eligible daughter treat a prospective girl for her son with minimal respect? Full Story


Oct 22, 2012

Illustration photo by Israel Bardugo

In a letter to be published in an upcoming Igros Kodesh volume, the Rebbe says shidduchim between Ashkenazim and Sephardim "pair up nicely." Full Story


Oct 6, 2012

COLlive exclusive: Marriage classes are a must among Chabad couples. Now a pre-dating course of 8 sessions was developed in Crown Heights. Full Story


May 19, 2012

From the COLlive inbox: A mother from Florida has a suggestion which will have an "encouraging effect for other parents" dealing with shidduchim. Full Story


Feb 23, 2012

SOS Shidduchim: A married man shares a few rules for dating based on things he personally experienced on shidduch dates.
Full Story


Jan 28, 2012

Illustration photo by Israel Bardugo

Shidduchim SOS: "Nothing was working out for me, I couldn't even get a date. I was down in spirit and so I decided I was going to take a break and just see where life takes me."
Full Story


Jan 8, 2012

From the COLlive Inbox: A 22 year old Bochur writes, "Just last week, my mother called me for a 'serious conversation'. I was expecting that it might be the Shidduch talk, but I was not expecting what she actually said." Full Story


Dec 31, 2011

Shidduchim SOS: "You know those dates where five minutes in you know this is absolutely not for you?" A COLlive reader suggests a few practical suggestions to improve the shidduch system. Full Story

Dec 28, 2011

Shidduchim SOS: "I've lived in Crown Heights for seven years, and was set up once a year with another mismatched shidduch, by people who barely knew me." Full Story

Dec 6, 2011

Girls daven at the Rebbe's Ohel * Archive photo: Bentzi Sason

A Crown Heights organization that helps kallahs will be praying for 100 boys and girls to find a shidduch - for a fee. Full Story

Nov 16, 2011

Parshas Chayei Sarah: Rabbi Nachman Wilhelm of reviews the do's and don'ts of shidduch making according to Gemara and commentaries.

Nov 7, 2011

SOS Shidduchim: A bochur offers a humorous glimpse into what he thinks when being asked about a friend for a shidduch. Full Story

Sep 10, 2011

Response to "Dear Chabad Bochur": A 24 year-old single girl defends all the single bochurim out there and has a special thank you to make. Full Story

Sep 7, 2011

Shidduchim SOS: A Lubavitch girl who is "sick and tired of dating drama" has 5 things to tell bochurim in shidduchim.
Full Story

Aug 20, 2011

Illustration photo by Yaakov Rosenthal

How do shaddchanim, both professional and dabblers in the field, think? Here are the 7 methods they use to make a match. Full Story

Aug 15, 2011

Illustration photo

A 25 year-old Lubavitch girl, disappointed by repetitive names being offered by shadchanim, has opened a useful website.
Full Story

Jun 29, 2011

Rivkah Leah Bernath with the Chabad Shidduch Group in Chicago has been involved with over 100 shidduchim over the past five years. Here she speaks about "The Secret Recipe" for finding a shidduch. Audio

Jun 12, 2011

R. B., who wrote about her struggles while Shidduch dating more than a year ago, tells the sequel to her story since she has 'emerged from her own pool of darkness.' Full Story

May 8, 2011

Organizers of Nechama's Closet have visited the Rebbe's Ohel and prayed for over 100 single girls and boys to find a shidduch. Full Story

May 5, 2011

Rabbi Moishe New, Director of the Montreal Torah Center (MTC), offered his take on dating and shidduchim for today's single, during his weekly Torah class. Video

Apr 6, 2011

A memento of the Simpson-Stock wedding includes a segulah the Rebbe wrote to a woman hoping for a shidduch. Full Story

Mar 9, 2011

Illustration photo taken at Mink Jewelers in Crown Heights

A Florida Shlucha told COLlive she is setting up a "single again" service to find shidduchim for divorced and widowed men and women. Full Story

Jan 6, 2011

Shidduchim SOS: How fortunate are we to have the concept of shidduchim, and not (G-d forbid) the secular ideals of "boyfriend" and "girlfriend." Full Story

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After the Rosenfeld/Junik L’chaim (JCM), you took my rain jacket, I have yours! It’s a London Fog, ¾ length, size 38R dark navy, with snaps/zippers.
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Found: London Fog Men's Black Wool Jacket with double collar, size Medium. Has slight tear at inside lining. You may have taken the wrong jacket, mine has shortened sleeves. Probably lost either at Yeshiva Reines or Gelernter's Shul at least one month ago.

If you have my jacket, I can give you yours back. Thank you. 718-756-7352

Razor A2 kick scooter. Lost before pessach at the puppet show in Lubavitcher Yeshiva. If anyone has seen it or has any info please call 718 300 2006.
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