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Apr 23, 2018

United against hate: Elected officials, activists and residents met at the scene of the most recent anti-Jewish attack in Crown Heights. Full Story, Photos, Video


Full Day Training with Howard Glasser, Psychologist/Educator

Lecture with Rabbi Daniel Schonbuch, LMFT

Sunday April 29, 9am-6pm
Beth Torah 1061 Ocean Pkwy, Brooklyn

Is your child ADHD, ODD, on the Spectrum?

Do you struggle with parenting an intense child?

Do you want to run your home/classroom with positivity?

World renowned psychologist and educator, Howard Glasser, President of the Children’s Success Foundation, and author of Transforming the Difficult Child: The Nurtured Heart Approach, has achieved international acclaim as an essential set of strategies for transforming the most intense children.

The event is organized by Rabbi Daniel Schonbuch and MASK.

Spaces Limited!

Register Now at

Or call Rabbi Daniel Schonbuch, LMFT at 646-428-4723

Apr 23, 2018

Russian President Vladimir Putin's cracker of choice while drinking tea is Shmurah Matzah, Chief Rabbi Berel Lazar told reporters. Full Story


Apr 23, 2018

A Jewish man has been stabbed on the street in midtown Manhattan and a suspect who police say is a FedEx driver is in custody. Full Story


A Cheder That Really Lets Your Son Grow!

Chok L'Yisroel truly helps kids succeed in learning. Registration is now open.

Chok L'Yisroel reaches each talmid in the unique and personalized way that works for him, making Torah exciting, real and inspiring dedication to Hashem and to the ways of Chassidus throughout life.

A personalized plan is developed to reach each talmid.

Care is given to character development and to dedication to Hashem. reaching each student personally and leading them to be Chasidim and ChaYoLim in all matters.

Let learning be fun and relevant for your son. Let the values of Hashem's Torah be his guide in growing up. Reach him in his unique way so that he internalizes and develops a yearning for Toras Hashem and Darchai HaChassidus.

Boys aged 6-13

Call now to make a difference for your son (917) 830-3364
or email
Apr 23, 2018

During an informal dinner at the White House, President Donald Trump said he was "very proud" of his pardon to Sholom Rubashkin. Full Story


Only $50,000 Down for Your Summer Home

Evergreen Circle is announcing the new stage, 48 new summer home units.

Put down $50,000 and move in this summer.
Guaranteed financing
5 Years 6% APR
Options for self-financing

Evergreen Circle is located in Loch Sheldrake in the town of Fallsburg in Sullivan County, New York.

2100 SF $240,000
2400 SF $250,000

Each unit is winterized, with 4 bedrooms, a living room, a dining room near the kitchen, 3 restrooms, a laundry room, walk-in basement, 2 private parking spaces and decks in the front and back.

Evergreen Circle
1 Inner Circle Road
Loch Sheldrake, NY.

For more information, email

More Photos

Apr 23, 2018

An unnamed philanthropist is offering a $50,000 reward for information on the attack against a chossid in Crown Heights; Press conference today 4:30 pm.
Full Story, Video


A Father's Life Destroyed

Rafael is a 36-year-old Rabbi and teacher from Israel, and the proud father of three beautiful young children.
In September 2014 he had a horrific incident—his right leg was infected by flesh-eating bacteria which utterly destroyed his leg and was ultimately forced to be amputated above the knee.
Now, after months of intensive care and rehabilitation, Ahavas Chesed is spearheading an urgent $50,000 campaign to help Rafi and his family become self-sufficient once again.

To donate please click here
Apr 23, 2018

JLI presents its unique one-minute video featuring a powerful and relevant message from the weekly Parsha, this week for Parshas Kedoshim. Video


Apr 23, 2018

Web series with acclaimed educator Miryam Swerdlov blending Chassidus and humor. This week: Judging others isn't simple. Video


Rebbetzin Chaya Mushka Bikur Cholim Annual Breakfast

Rebbetzin Chaya Mushka Bikur Cholom of Crown Heights
invites you to our
Annual Breakfast
Celebrating Our Community

Sunday, April 29 - 14 Iyar
9:30 AM Doors Open - 10:00 AM Program Begins

Guest Speakers:
Tzameret Borevitz
Miri Gestetner - Sydney, Australia

Oholei Torah Ballroom
667 Eastern Parkway

Amazing Auction
View prizes click here

Apr 23, 2018

Photos: Bentzi Sasson

Wounded IDF soldiers are sharing their stories of terror and bravery with Jewish students on West Coast campuses. Full Story

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Apr 23, 2018

The L'Chaim of Nosson Zand of Boston, MA/North Miami Beach, FL and Peshy Greenberg of Buffalo, NY took place at the Jewish Children's Museum in Crown Heights. Photos


Apr 22, 2018

Surveillance footage shows how a chossid was attacked this past Shabbos; Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams is asking the public's help to catch assailant. Full Story, Video


Apr 22, 2018

Mesivta Ohr Temimim Lubavitch of Toronto will be spending the summer in the magnificent Catskills Mountains - Napanoch, NY. Full Story, Video


Apr 22, 2018

7 Chabad bochurim familiar with the Spanish language spent over 3 weeks in Cuba connecting with local Jews in 14 cities and towns.
Full Story, Photos


Apr 22, 2018

Shliach and Chaplain Rabbi Chesky Tenenbaum gives the invocation at the Baltimore Police Department Graduation for class 17-02, Wednesday.


Apr 22, 2018

There are 8 kosher restaurants currently operating in Las Vegas thanks to the supervision of Chabad Rabbi Shea Harlig. Full Story

Apr 22, 2018

The K-Factor podcast: Auditor Yosef Levine on utilizing Chabad chutzpa to break into Corporate America, the new startup reality. Audio

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Apr 22, 2018

Chassidus Applied: Do non-Jews have a neshama, should butterflies not be shown to children, why do you wear a knitted yarmulka? Video

Apr 22, 2018

Chabad Lubavitch of Lyon in France, led by Rabbi Moule and Sara Gurewitz, launched a fundraiser to back major projects. Full Story, Video

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Apr 22, 2018

Photos: Levi Nazarov

200 people converged on the village of Lubavitch in Russia to mark the 185th birthday of the Rebbe Maharash at his gravesite. Full Story, Photos, Video

Apr 22, 2018

Photos: Sholem Srugo/COLlive

The L'Chaim of Meir Hahn of Crown Heights and Shoshana Ozomadu of France took place at FREE Shul in Crown Heights. Photos

Apr 22, 2018 will once again present a 6 week in-depth Taharas Hamishpacha Halacha review class for Crown Heights women. Full Story

Apr 22, 2018


Sara Vizal, mother of 7, has started a campaign to reunite her family which is scattered since their home was destroyed by fire last month. Full Story

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Apr 21, 2018

For the second week in a row, a Jewish man was assaulted on Shabbos while walking in Brooklyn's Crown Heights neighborhood. Full Story

Apr 20, 2018

Shabbos Night Live with Rabbi Shmuel Butman: How the Rebbe responded when a chossid crossed the international date line during Sefiras Haomer. And why say "Torah from Sinai" and not Hashem?

Apr 20, 2018

Because no photos are allowed, the guest speakers share directly what transpired at the largest retreat and Shabbaton in Boca Raton.
Full Story, Video

Apr 21, 2018

Illustration photo by XiXinXing

From the COLlive inbox: "What's the concern about going to college and why is it really frowned upon before a person is married?"
Full Story

Apr 20, 2018

Motzoei Shabbos Story: How did the Rebbe respond when a Jew told him, "May the Rebbe travel to the Land of Israel very soon."
Full Story

Apr 21, 2018

The Sunday Kollel for men at Beis Gimpel Chaim shul in Crown Heights will be named after Rabbi Tzvi Greenwald OBM. Full Story

Apr 20, 2018

Watch: This rare color footage filmed for a TV program in 1973 shows the Rebbe asking children to sing at a farbrengen. Video

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Shabbos Getaway/Shavuos Getaway Brand new guest house in Saratoga Springs. Ideal for mishpachah getaway. Close to nice parks and attractions. | more...
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If you lost or had stolen your double stroller this week call me.
Elke 917-929-7460
Lost a gray brief case. At Montgomery and Schenectady 7182007352
Lost & Found Items
We have a few items that have been inadvertently left here over time.

Would love to reunite these items with their rightful owners.

1. Bar Mitzvah hat
2. Gold ring
3. Ladies gloves

Please describe to claim.
Car Keys for what looks like a Toyota Sienna Found & it has 2 Keys attached to it.
If it is yours or if you think you know who it belongs to please email

I found a shaitel on President btwn Kingston and Albany on Monday April 16
Call 1-917-287-6810 to claim
Men's Michael kors navy down coat with fur hood taken from the JCM on motzei pesach. If you have seen it please text 7187531440
I lost a ladies wallet, green with sheep on it Thursday before Yom Tov possibly at the Ohel or on Ohel bus. It has 2 credit cards, Barclays and around £60-£80 sterling. If found, Please contact my daughter at the above telephone number or e mail me. Mrs F Rabin
718 771 0220

Credit card belonging to Erica Rosenfeld and set of Tefillin found in Kahan's Superette, no name on the bag. Go into the store to claim.
Lost watch in Mikva Meir if found please call 7194938075, Thank you!

I left my iPod in a van while getting a ride back from the ohel on 11 Nisan. If found please call 646-354-9644
Found car key on Lefferts Avenue on Tuesday March 27.
Please call/text 347-446-0737 to claim.

Lost Samsung phone last week if found call 9732237877 yonason

Found near ezras noshim Kingston Avenue after shachris on Monday, a silver bracelet please call/text 347-398-2839
Lost Teffilin. Left my Tefillin Sunday March 25 in Bank of America if Found please call 347-633-4074
Found cell phone battery and the back panel of a cell phone. Please call 3477893615.

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